Under sin tid som domare i det kommunistiska Polen sände Stefan Michniks minst 19 frihetskämpande polacker till döden. Siffran är förmodligen mycket högre, men uppgifterna är oklara eftersom kommunisterna förstört så mycket av dokumentationen för att undgå att bli straffade efter kommunismens kollaps. Polen har begärt Stefan Michnik utlämnad, så att han kan ställas till ansvar för sina brott mot det polska folket. Men både EU och Sverige skyddar honom
och vägrar att lämna ut honom till rättvisan, trots hans grova brott.

I klassisk NU-stil, placerades blodiga dockor symboliserande Michniks offer utanför hans hem. Genom tal av Christian Mattson och samtal med hans grannar har vi även gjort dem vetandes om att deras granne är en kommunistisk bödel. Vi vill genom aktionen utanför Stefan Michniks hem uppmärksamma allmänheten om att Sverige skyddar en kommunistisk mördare och visa Michnik att hans brott aldrig kommer att glömmas. Hjälp oss gärna att sprida informationen om Michnik och hans brott samt bilder och film från aktionen så att fler svenskar får veta vilka mördare vår ruttna stat håller bakom ryggen.

Under kvällen och morgondagen kommer fler bilder och en film från dagens aktion att publiceras.

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Robert · 16 december, 2012 at 20:43

Brawo koledzy :) Respect for you Swedish friends

& nagy imre · 16 december, 2012 at 21:32

brother of Adam Michnik “jąkała”

Pole · 16 december, 2012 at 23:38


Kamin · 17 december, 2012 at 00:41

I’m Polish men from Warsaw, thank you for what you have done, it is for us, true Poles, very important.

Zagłoba · 17 december, 2012 at 01:18

Tack så mycket!

zezorro · 17 december, 2012 at 10:04

Congratulations for your picket action before the house of bolshevist judiciary criminal! Multimedia material of the happening (youtube would be ideal) will be appreciated. There are millions upon millions of us here, proud of having own cultural heritage and not belonging to some faceless, communist euro-soyuz.

Many thanks for your stance and merry Christmas from Poland.

source article on your picket http://narodowcy.net/nordisk-ungdom-pod-domem-stefana-michnika/2012/12/16/
best Michnik connection site http://szechteriada.org/
my site http://zezorro.blogspot.com

Piotr · 17 december, 2012 at 11:27

Thank you! We propagate information about your action on independent websites. http://polacy.eu.org/3138/nordisk-ungdom-pod-domem-stefana-michnika/

Paweł · 17 december, 2012 at 14:56

Thanks for picketing ! We, all normal polish people with conscience, are greatful for your dedication. Communist criminals should be punished just like nazi murderers. There’s no big difference between these two totalitarian systems. From our historical view it’s obvious. May courage be with You!

Arianka · 17 december, 2012 at 22:43

While there was already peace in Western Europe after May 1945, many young Poles struggled against the Red Army in the forests. It was about 100,000 partisans of the anticommunistic underground movement. The fights lasted until 1961 when the last partisan was killed by the Secret Service! People such as Stefan Szechter-Michnik, a brother of the Adam Szechter-Michnik, the editor of the largest communistic newspaper in Poland Gazeta Wyborcza, and a son of the communist Ozajasz Szechter, who co-operated before the II WW with the Soviets and wanted to separate Ukraine – a part of the state – from Poland, supported the Soviet occupants. Stefan Szechter-Michnik sentenced to death a few officers of the partisan army. He left Poland in 1968 using an opportunity that the Polish communists persecuted the Jewish members of the communist party. In a matter of fact, Jews-communists escaped from Poland, and presented their situtaion as if it was a result of the Polish persecutions, while it was only an effect of the struggle between the members of the same communist party! Anyway, Michnik is a murder, who has never been judged and punished. Thank you for your efforts!

Michał Gadzinowski · 18 december, 2012 at 00:19

Tack sa mycket Sverie! Bast halsningar fran Polska!

willys · 18 december, 2012 at 03:29

Brawo.Thank You very much.

milord88 · 18 december, 2012 at 07:19

Thank You! Respect swedish brothers

Dariusz · 18 december, 2012 at 08:05

Thank you for your share! The Communists in Poland have not been settled for the crimes, and are guilty of several thousand victims. In 1989 he entered into an agreement (called a round table) of the so-called opposition. In this way shared power, material goods.To this day, they go unpunished , and the son Michnik in 1989 published a newspaper which lies at every turn ( called Gazeta Wyborcza).

Lukasz · 18 december, 2012 at 10:04

I am really greatful for what U have done. My family was a victim od communists and people like Stefan Michnik. Thank You very much!

Stefan Zielinski · 18 december, 2012 at 12:11

Dziekuje szwedzkiej mlodziezy, ze wyrazili prawde w swoim dzialaniu. Thank you!!

44 · 18 december, 2012 at 14:59

mördare szechterek! bravo!

Zielona · 18 december, 2012 at 18:11

Greetings from Poland! Thank You very much :))))

Gorm80 · 18 december, 2012 at 22:13

Pochwalam i pozdrawiam. DZIĘKUJE CAŁA POLSKA


NOzu Polska · 19 december, 2012 at 09:15

Thanks brothers. Respect

Edyta · 19 december, 2012 at 13:10

Lets do something together guys, lets join together with us Polis guys lets go there and stand in the name of truth and justice. Together with our Swedish friends lets do some bigger action. Pls contact me to my email edyta_sweet1@wp.pl

Tomasz · 19 december, 2012 at 16:30

Tusen tack riktiga svenska patrioter!

trilia · 19 december, 2012 at 18:36

Your action has a huge importance to all Polish people and we are deeply thankful to you . We will try to inform as many as possible of what you did for us.
Thank you.

Jerzy · 19 december, 2012 at 20:53

Thank you for that! Its such a relieving feeling that you support us. Take care!

Pit · 19 december, 2012 at 21:55

Thanks Brother !

Maciek · 20 december, 2012 at 01:50

Thanks from Poland!

POLAND FIRST TO FIGHT · 20 december, 2012 at 21:21





Pole · 25 december, 2012 at 15:52

Thank You!

Tomasz · 4 februari, 2013 at 21:38

Tack för att ni kämpar mot komunist sviner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eoldred · 1 mars, 2013 at 15:20

It was a great feeling to see you people protesting at Stefan Michnik house! It is amazing that people from a far away country do remember about the suffering that communism inflicted on Poland and its people. This b***tard killed many patriots and imprisoned thousands. I was sure that he will live happy ever after in Sweden.
It’s great to see that Sweden remembers.
Thank you very much from Poland!

Krystoslaw · 4 mars, 2013 at 17:23

Great respect for Swedish patriots and friends of Poland!
It won’t be forgotten! Truth and justice will win in the end.

PRECZ Z KOMUNĄ! Freedom to all nations!

the boy who brought up himself · 30 maj, 2013 at 16:55

jewish communist murderer stefan szechter shall suffer in hell. Like other jewish red traitors and murderers: fajga danielak, flieschfarb, grinszpan-kikel, weiss, umer, stolzman and hunders alike

JJ · 28 juni, 2013 at 01:55

Sanningen måste överleva. tack på uppdrag av de verkliga Polacker

lucjusz · 17 juli, 2017 at 00:15

Thank you very much for this protest. I am tuched by this gesture.
I don’t understand why sweden keep murderer and every citizen of sweden must pay taxes for him……

Thank you one more time and REGARDS FROM POLAND.


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