Fredrik Hagberg has been a member of Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth) since its inception in 2010, and also has a history in the National Democrats where he ran for city council in Vallentuna 2006. During the summer of 2013 he was appointed as head of international relations and has since then visited nationalist organizations in Italy, Hungary, France, Poland and now Ukraine.

In March 2013 Hagberg joined Livgardet (Life Guards) in Kungsängen at 13.säkerhetsbataljonen (13th Security Batallion) and has served there since.  Livgardet is Carl XVI’s personal guard/Soldiers of Livgardet are personal guards of King Carl XVI and its history dates back to the 16th century. Nowadays, the King is the regiment honorary director. Livegardet is a combined infantry and cavalry regemint and the 13.säkerhetsbataljonen (13th Security Batallion) manages Livgardets tasks within the five generic security threats: criminality, subversion, intelligence gathering, sabotage and terrorism.

Yesterday, February 26, Hagberg was reached by the decision that he is dismissed from his post at Livgardet, amongst other reasons they claimed that the speech he made in Kiev’s City Hall in early February to the Ukrainian revolutionaries was “xenophobic, racist and offensive.”

What they claimed to be the biggest issue was the following paragraph in the speech: “As a part of the progressive agenda, the Swedish State Television shows informational programs for the Swedish youth – 13 to 16 – on how to have sex with immigrants and the disabled. These shows are also shown in school as a mandatory part of the education.”

The film referred to in the speech is UR’s and RFSU’s “Sex på Kartan” (Sex on the map) aimed at Swedish high school students. The film was reported by Nordic Youth in February 2011 for child pornography offenses.

Fredrik Hagberg, who is currently back in Ukraine, comments:

“It is strange that the Armed Forces are acting this way. I have during my employment been a valued colleague of both my officers and comrades in my guard platoon and have never received any complaints. Many people in my platoon think that the Armed Forces conduct is strange, to say the least. Even those who do not share my views have criticized the treatment of me. Whatever views I have in my spare time hardly affects my work. It is frightening that the Swedish Armed Forces now begin sacking workers for having the “wrong” opinions, it shouldn´t work like that in a democracy. I have criticized the state of Sweden out of loyalty and love for my nation, and not because I’m racist or xenophobic, as the Armed Forces states.”

The decision will probably be appealed.

UR = UR is a public state broadcaster.
RFSU = National Association for Sexuality Education, receiving large government subsidies each year.

Link to “Sex på Kartan” (Sex on the map) (warning for child pornography)

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