I slutet av april bevistade utsända representanter från Nordisk Ungdom två konferenser i Ukrainas huvudstad, Kiev. Den första konferensen ägde rum den 27 april och behandlade konceptet intermarium, det vill säga ett nytt maktblock i kontrast till EU/USA och Ryssland som sträcker sig från Östersjön till Svarta havet. Du kan läsa mer om det här.


Nästa dag, den 28 april, var det dags för en konferens vid namn Reconquista conference, anordnad av bland annat Azov. Nordisk Ungdoms talesman, Fredrik Hagberg, var inbjuden talare. Han höll ett uppskattat tal där han betonade vikten av samarbete i de östra delarna av Europa, som än så länge är relativt förskonade från mångkulturen.

Talet publiceras här i sin helhet på engelska:

My name is Fredrik Hagberg, and I am the spokesman of the Scandinavian activist group Nordisk Ungdom/Nordic Youth. We are primarily based in Sweden, but got some support throughout all of Scandinavia and Finland.

We are most famous for our spectacular and color full actions , by which we want to bring focus to questions that are silenced by the mass media. Like after a bunch of refugees sexually harassed little girls and media kept silence, we attacked the asylum center so the media was forced to talk about it.

We also have a social agenda. With activities aimed at our members and sympathizers and are largely based on building a community where we support each other and to keep our culture alive.

Nordisk Ungdom does not participate in the parliamentary arena, instead we want to change the society from within and make people care more about their society and encourage them to react against the liberal agendas.

Last time I was here I got fired from the Swedish Army for the speech i held at Kiev city hall, an army that clearly don’t work in the interest of the Swedish people. The free world showed its true face.

We share the vision and idea of a future Pan-European union and we are focused on the integration between the three Scandinavian countries, so that we in the future can be a strong northern block of the future Europe.

We are a Scandinavian organization because we see the necessity to build strong cooperation on common ethnic and cultural ground. Today, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are three different countries, but our blood, culture and language are one. Together the sparsely populated nations of the North will do much better than each on their own.

We see cooperation between the nationalists of Scandinavia and Intermarium as something very natural, and we look at the cooperation between the countries of Eastern Europe with joy.

The situation for us is similar but at the same time different. Most things you hear and read about what’s happening up there in the north is true. Sweden has in a few decades transformed from an idyll into a multicultural hell.

We are now Europe’s rape capital, if not the worlds. Police defines 56 areas as no-go zones where criminal immigrants have taken power. And in 2015 we took in so many refugees from Afghanistan that 200 schools need to be built, in order to give everyone an education.

We have hundreds of isis veterans and illegal immigrants hiding in our country, and the liberals are trying to hide them and working against the police who are trying to find them. Our social democratic government even want to give returning isis soldiers free apartments and work. This gives a situation were illegal immigrants can hide with minimum chance to get caught.

The terror attack a few weeks ago in Sweden was made by an illegal immigrant, who also was international wanted and the secret police also knew about him.

This was an act of terror which was made possible by our liberal government and mass media.

We will soon have the same problem, that probably will make Le Pen loose in France, the non white population is growing too big. We will soon be a minority in our own country and a vote for change is something that is long gone. It will take a revolution to change the situation in Sweden, if it will be bloody or not only time will tell.

But it’s not only in Sweden the non-European immigration is a problem. This problem is stretching all over Europe, and it’s up to all of you if your countries will follow the same transformation as the western Europe already gone through.

For us the only solution is to segregate, detain and repatriate – For you it’s a matter of fighting for your borders and keep the invaders out.

And therefore, I’m happy to see how for examples Poles and Ukrainians have started to talk with each other and are putting their old conflicts aside. Because this is the only way to keep eastern Europe safe and for Europe to grow stronger and in the end, kick the hordes of Islam out of Europe – The western countries clearly can’t do it on its own, and If eastern Europe will stay divided the rest of Europe will fall.

Those people who are striving to unite eastern Europe and can look past old grudges are the future for Europe. And those who constantly fight to keep eastern Europe divided either have too adapt to what’s most important or they will be playing a part in destroying Europe.

Europe is under attack and you can’t afford to keep fighting amongst each other while the countries around you are falling.

Now Islamist are growing stronger in Turkey and its possible that we see the rise of a new Ottoman empire threatening all of Europe. We defeated them by the gates of Vienna but today they already have millions of soldiers in Europe. It is like Erdogan already said to us, we will not walk safely on the streets of Europe.

The Islamic invasion is not knocking on our doors; it has already entered.

The time for a new Reconquista is now – And you are either with us or against us.

It´s your choice.

Thank you.

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F80 hårddisk · 9 maj, 2017 at 21:17

Grymt, stå på er stenhårt!!! Jag stöder er med deg!

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