To our European brothers, and in particular, our Polish, Hungarian and Serbian friends.

Nordisk Ungdom is part of the Scandinavian movement, first and foremost of course, rooted in our Scandinavian heritage.

But the whole European civilization is important to us, both as a heritage to preserve and as a geopolitical power bloc.

Today Europe is a treat for the big powers to scrounger and plunder. Many times with the assistance of the European Union itself and the corrupt political elite that inhabit that structure.

Kosovo is a modern example in which the EU supported an extra European power to bomb its own people and rob them their soil. We cry with our Serbian brothers!

The same holds true for the slaughter of the Polish nation and people during the WWII and the long terror that followed after the war by a repressive communist regime. We say never again!

Hungary has also felt the terror of communism and was given the cold hand in 1956 by the so called West. Proud Hungarians almost succeeded in gaining freedom from a more or less all mighty foe. History is repeating itself. Now that Hungary is one of Europe’s most promising examples, the country is threatened by other European countries after taking measures to remove the last parts of the communist elite from the offices of influence. Hungary is accused for taking “undemocratic” steps. We say enough!

Ukraine and Scandinavia have long historical ties, and naturally we were very glad to hear of stronger nationalist influences there. Moreover, Nordisk Ungdom strongly supports the ongoing transformation of Ukraine. We see positivity on both the revolution strife for a free Ukraine and its positive European views.

It is time for a common European freedom, as a protection for all of our brother people.

Time to time wrongdoings have been done against brother peoples. We do not neglect that and of course we all must remember and honour our dead forefathers. But the stake at hand is something beyond that. It is our continent, our civilization and life as we know it.

Nordisk Ungdom, with the support of the growing Scandinavian movement, will take a firm stand for a free and strong Europe. We need to form a geopolitical bloc, to support European interests, where all nations is respected, like Ukraine.

However, this is a delicate quest and many hinders await.

One example is European minorities like the Polish, Hungarian and Russian living in Ukraine. We call on the revolution to protect its brother peoples living in Ukraine.

A solution may arise in the long run that all parts accept and find reasonable.

We call on the good forces of Europe to support our civilization. Built on the solid ground of brother peoples respecting each other and a common faith.

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