Nordisk Ungdom condemns the terror attack on Drottninggatan and holds our politicians and the police leadership as guilty for this tragedy.

Today it happened. What we and many others have warned against for so long. Another terror attack in Stockholm, this one sadly with deadly results.

Drottninggatan, one of the most obvious targets, and the same street as where the failed terror attack 2010 took place. Only days after the Swedish authorities practiced handling a terror attack with a similar modus operandi.

Many are wondering how and why this happened, despite the answer being obvious. Sweden has today more than 100 returning IS-terrorists according to the security police. The real number is most likely higher.

How can it be possible to pull off an attack like this on such a vulnerable place? It is obvious that our politicians and the leadership of our police, cheered on by an extreme leftist press, has decided not to protect their own citizens.

We hold the politicians and the leadership of the police as guilty for this attack, they have the blood of the dead and wounded on their hands.

Two years ago Nordisk Ungdom was at Drottninggatan to spread information on the threat that is Islam and Muslim terrorism. It is never fun to be able to say that we were right in a situation like this, and that no one listened to our warnings:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of this cowardly attack that took place today.

Rest in peace.

Fredrik Hagberg

Spokesman, Nordisk Ungdom

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