Solidaritetsaktionen för Ungern väckte stor uppmärksamhet bland ungerska nationalister. Det ökade intresset för Nordisk Ungdom bidrog därför till att Szent Korona Rádió intervjuade en medlem eftersom kontakt mellan länderna knutits i samband med firandet utav Polens självständighetsdag förra året.

Intervjun kan läsas nedan:

Nordisk Ungdom became known among Hungarian nationalists as a result of your January 22nd solidarity action. Why did you find it important to throw your support behind the Hungarian cause?
– It is always important to show solidarity with people that are fighting for freedom and independence. Our own struggle in Sweden is not by any means something isolated, on the contrary we have a lot in common with Hungary and other countries, and therefore it is also important do demonstrate that fact.

Can you tell us briefly about your movement? What do we need to know about it?
– We are Swedish youth movement dedicated to reinstitute a more democratic form of governance in our country. We also advocate for better political rights for youth in general, right which subsequently been taken away from Swedish youth due to globalistic interests.

I have to mention that NU shows lots of similarities with the ‘Sixty Four County Youth Movement’, especially in relation to your youthful radical actions. Are there contacts between the two organizations?
– Yes, we try to work towards a mutually beneficial cooperation between HVIM and Nordic Youth. We started to talk at the independence march in Poland.

If I’m correct, NU also took part in the ‘Polish Independence March’ last November and one of your members was briefly detained. What kind of experiences did you learn there, and what is your position on the Central and Eastern European nations?
– Actually, all three of us where arrested without any reason. A motto I live by is that nothing is absolute good or bad, everything negative can be turned into something positive. So it was a great experience since a lesson lived is a lesson learned. What matters to me is that we did the right thing. We saved the material, we got new experience and learned how the Polish police works and even if they do not fear to ignore human rights we still do not fear to do the right thing. And we know that our friends all over Europe are willing to do the same.

We do not have any different view of central- and east-european countries than the way in which we view west-european countries. All different cultures are viewed by us as something good, and worth preserving.

And finally, would you like to send any message to Hungarian patriots?
– Keep up the fight, you are not alone! Hope to see you in Sweden someday.

Thank you for answering our questions. Long live Sweden!

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