The Scandinavian activist organisation, Nordisk Ungdom, answers the call for a free Ukraine. All over Europe conservative and nationalist groups are gaining momentum, but they operate in a hostile environment with both strong and persistent opponents. What happens now in Kiev can happen tomorrow in Paris or Stockholm. These are opportunities we cannot afford to neglect.

Nordisk Ungdom is committed to support its European brothers in need of help. We propose the formation of a support structure between us different proponents for a free Europe. This is important because we need to be able to react fast, and as one, when the times come such as now in the Ukraine. The fight for our different nations and heritages takes its crowning in our European civilization. For too long have we been sidestepped and turned against each other. We say – no more shall a European brother stand against another European brother.

In time of need the support also must be concrete and practical. We can take responsibility to form a structure for the future that can operate in Scandinavia to raise part of what is needed. We call our European friends to do the same in their countries. This is an assignment we must take very serious – it can also be our rescue in the hour of need.

For the time being, we will do what we can to help our Ukrainian brothers. We will start fundraising and collecting some of the requested materials. We will also start a political campaign in Scandinavia in support of a free Ukraine, and inform the Scandinavian public what is happening.Of course all activists working with both the news and social media have already started their work. We will also send some of our core activists to Ukraine. This time it will only be a few serving as a communication link with us and showing their personal support on-site for a free Ukraine. In the future however, we hope to be able to send more activists. When Europe calls – we answer!

Nordisk Ungdom
Pro-Scandinavian, pro-European!

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