Yesterday Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth) protested against Stockholm “Pride” and for the nuclear family.

The day was filled with constant harassment by the police as members got bussed away from Stockholm several times during the day and got beaten by the police, despite that no disturbance occurred and they did nothing wrong. It all happened very arbitrary and none of the activists are suspected of crimes after yesterday’s events.

Despite the harassments during the day, fifteen members made their way to the “Pride” parade to get their message out, something that the pride participants couldn’t handle. Leading an angry mob, a frenzied police officer repeatedly assaulted activists despite the fact that the activists were backing up and following police orders, only stopping to fend of violent attacks from the mob.

-Even Though everything that happened during the day I’m proud of the members who stood against a decadent mob and is classed as heroes of the nuclear family. Says Fredrik Hagberg, spokesman for the Nordic Youth, which himself had been pushed into a police van at the end of the day.

See you next year!

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