The 24th of February, Nordisk Ungdom was invited by Sinine Äratus(youth organization to EKRE) to celebrate the Estonian Independence Day in Tallinn.

This was the first contact between our organizations, and we are very happy to have found such good comrades from the Baltic countries.

Scandinavia and the Baltic states share a long history of friendship with each other. That historical friendship is probably more important in today’s world than ever before, and we hope that a growing cooperation between patriots from Scandinavia and the Baltic States will benefit all of our peoples.

However, in the Estonian mass media our organization is portrayed as something we are not, and they try to use the new friendship between us and Sinine Äratus to attack EKRE, the conservative peoples party in Estonia, in the upcoming elections. This is a strategy used all over Europe, it is easy to lie about foreign organizations to try to scandalize and blame the domestic party for collaborating with radicals/racists/nazis or whatever.

If you have any questions about Nordisk Ungdom and our visit to Tallinn please contact me, Fredrik Hagberg, the spokesman for the organization.

Best regards,
Fredrik Hagberg

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