“The State’s Best Friends” is an ironic and sarcastic song made by Karl Skidmarxx feat. Goy Boy and presented by Nordisk Ungdom. It is an answer to the song “Svarta Duvor & Vissna Liljor” (Black Doves and Wither Lilies) made by Sebastian Staxx from Kartellen feat. Timbuktu.

Sebbbe Staxx openly supports the violent antifa group called “Revolutionära Fronten/ Revolutionary Front” and Timbuktu is one of the most famous “anti-racists” in Sweden at the moment. In their song Timbuktu threatens to beat Jimmie Åkesson, the Sweden Democratic leader, and Sebbe Staxx sings about how he want to beat SD members with an iron stick and put them into coma. The song was first played at the public service station Sveriges Television and received great support from most journalists and politicians. A short period of time after the song was published Timbuktu received a prize from the Swedish parliament for his work against “racism”. This was highly criticized by the Sweden Democrats and other nationalists, as well as a few conservatives and liberals.

Much of the text and video refers to unique events in Swedish cultural- and political environment and is hard to explain to a person who is not familiar to these references.
Some explanation about what is said in the video:

Sebbe Staxx (Sebastian Stakset): Front person in the hiphop-group “Kartellen”. Convicted January 2013 for death threats made to Jimmie Åkesson. Supports violent antifascist groups. Timbuktu (Jason Diakité): Pop/Hiphop artist. Born in Sweden, but with parents from USA. His chose his artist name “Timbuktu” because his family is originally from Mali. Well known “antiracist”. Strongly supported by the establishment and cultural elite. Has made threats to beat Jimmie Åkesson “yellow and blue”.

Jimmie Åkesson: Party leader of the nationalistic and conservative party Sweden Democrats.

“Us and them”: A term often used by the cultural Marxist elite. They do not want people to think in terms of “us and them”; we are all “equal”.

Aina: Immigrant slang meaning police.

“Awards and praise while the parliament ‘ clapping hands”: Timbuktu got an award in the parliament soon after the release of the song “Svarta Duvor & Vissna Liljor”. The award came from the “5i12”-movement. An anti-racist movement founded by the father of Sara Wallin after she was beaten to death by an African immigrant. (Yes, this is true. That’s how sick this country is)

In the video you can see Naling Pekgul standing next to Mona Sahlin, then leader of the Social Democrats, clapping her hands. She did this so frantically that it became an Internet phenomenon known as “the clapping turk”.

Revolutionära Fronten: An antifa terror-organization, known for violent assaults, arson attacks, vandalism and threats.

“Citizenship is not the same as changing race”: In Sweden everyone with a Swedish passport is considered a Swede. This is of course something most people laugh at. Especially when we receive reports about “hundreds of Swedes is fighting for Al-Qaida in Syria”. Yeah, right.

“If you do something bad you’re Swedish
If you do something good, it’s good if you’re foreign”:
In Sweden most newspaper do not report ethnicity, race or description of criminals. The only exception is of course if the criminal is Scandinavian or white.

“94 percent, what’s happened since?”:
“The 94 percent” was a short lived “antiracist” movement after the last election in 2010. The name refers to the 94 percent that didn’t vote for the Sweden Democrats.
The Center Party: Is a party that earlier was considered a nationalistic and/or conservative alternative. Nowadays they are the most liberal party in the parliament and one of the smallest.

“Iron pipe dictatorship”: Refers to a scandal involving three Sweden Democrats when they were caught on film carrying iron pipes (for self-defense) In the absolute beginning of this music video it is a short clip from that film. One of the Sweden Democrats is shouting “We are only defending ourselves, we are only defending ourselves!”

“Otherwise you get a visit from Robert Aschberg and Stasi-Expressen”: Refers to a scandal late last year when Expressen, one of the major newspapers in Sweden, hung out/made public, non-official private persons for being racists after a research group with strong ties with the antifa movement gave the newspaper information about over 6000 sympathizers with the nationalistic cause in Sweden. Robert Aschberg, a Swedish media mogul also with strong ties with the antifa movement then launched a TV-series with the agenda to go home to these people’s homes and confront them about their views about immigration.

“And without you, Sweden would be boring and gray”: A common saying from the cultural Marxists is that Swedes are boring and gray, unlike the people to the south. We are said to be bad lovers, lack humor, and keep quiet amongst much more other things

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